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The "new" Knight Inlet Lodge opens as scheduled on May 25

Mon, 2013-06-10

Knight Inlet Lodge


Greetings from Knight Inlet Lodge


Knight Inlet Lodge is pleased to announce that our new lodge opened for the 2013 season as scheduled on May 25. We are happy to report that the final leg of the move from Campbell River to Glendale Cove at the beginning of May went very smoothly with only a minor delay due to the weather. From there it was a matter of anchoring the lodge in place, hooking up power and water and the 1001 details that it takes to get a lodge ready for the season. We had hoped to have photos to share with everyone prior to now but the end of May turned wet making aerial photography a challenge. It wasn't until early June that we finally got a sunny day. The goal of the lodge owners Dean & Kathy Wyatt was to try and stay true to the look and feel of our original lodge and as you can see from the aerial photo above it does look amazingly similar to the original. We are happy to report that the new facility has many improvements that will help to lower our environmental footprint.

All 16 guest rooms have been renovated with new paint, bedding and furniture. Every room has a private washroom with shower. Local alder hardwood furniture is featured in our guest rooms. Our dining room features locally made alder tables. With separate comfortable seating for guests to sit and visit the dining room is sure to be a popular spot for guests to gather.

The grizzly bear watching at this time of year is by small boat or kayak with some excellent viewing happening right now. Spring is very beautiful in Glendale Cove and is one of the best times for seeing the grizzlies in the estuary.

It is hard to believe that it is only a little over 8 months since we lost the original lodge to fire on September 25. The hard work and dedication of many people has gone into getting us back up and running on time. Everyone at Knight Inlet Lodge would like to acknowledge the countless people that lent a hand immediately after the fire and in the following months. There are many stories to tell around the rebirth of Knight Inlet Lodge but for now all we can say is THANK YOU!


For more photos of our lodge please go here http://www.grizzlytours.com/knight-inlet-lodge